interactive course in delivery

‘Cursus Bevallen’, a course in delivery. Full of information about your pregnancy and the delivery, for you and your partner. When you know more of what awaits you, you will be more confident about the birth.

Monthly a one day intensive course from 11 to 5. Made up of two to five couples. Throughout the day, any questions that you may have are actively encouraged.

A ‘one on one’ course of two or three private classes is also a possibility, or a one-class lesson is available for refreshing the memories of couples who are already parents.


The use of illustrations from the Birth Atlas of Dickinson detailing the growth of the baby, an explanation of the placenta, the umbilical cord, the membranes and the delivery itself.


Hospital versus home birth, prolonged pregnancy, starting the delivery and pain killers. Also, the role of the partner, the use of surgical instruments during delivery and the first hours after the birth. Post-natal Period: The pros and cons of breast versus bottle feeding and a DVD of a birth.

The course covers:

Haptonomic exercises (Haptonomy is the science of touching and feeling) , breathing exercises, birth positions and ways to cope with contractions, pelvic floor exercises, the pushing procedure, touch relaxation, massage, active and passive relaxation.

During the course, informational material such as relevant books, feeding pillow, birth-ball, carrying-sling and examples of birth-cards will be made available.

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